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Alliance for Immigration Reform in Indiana Releases New Information on Opposition to SB590

February 18, 2011

Alliance for Immigration Reform in Indiana Releases New Information on Opposition to SB590

                       Lilly, Cummins Express “Compelling Reasons to Oppose”.

Indianapolis- The Alliance for Immigration Reform in Indiana (AIRI) has learned that two of Indiana’s largest employers, Eli Lilly and Company, and Cummins, Inc. (combined market cap of $62-billion) have issued a joint statement on their opposition to SB590, authored by Sen. Mike Delph (R), Carmel.

AIRI has been authorized to release the Cummins/Lilly fact sheet on Indiana Compact letterhead.  The following is re-produced verbatim:

From the perspective of large Indiana employers with global and diverse workforces, Lilly and Cummins believe that there are compelling business reasons to oppose Senate Bill 590. Anti-immigration and English-only laws impede the ability of Indiana businesses to be competitive in global markets, and will make it more difficult for Lilly and Cummins to grow in Indiana.

Concerns common to Lilly and Cummins:

Anti-immigration and English-only legislation make it difficult to recruit new and educated workers and retain current employees in our Indiana communities, who simply will not move to and live in a state that is seen as unwelcoming Our ability to thrive in Indiana is dependent on an environment that is welcoming and that is now threatened.

Legislation that is directed at one group affects all groups, and Indiana will not be a place where people will want to live and work---without the ability to recruit and retain these jobs will simply go elsewhere.

Embracing the diverse perspectives, skills and talents of our employees strengthens our decision-making and makes us stronger and more competitive in our global markets. Ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect and that diversity is sought and valued is critical to the success of our companies.

Lilly Specific concerns:

Many of Lilly’s employees are scientists, medical doctors, pharmacists, and engineers who are critical to the research and development of new medicines for patients worldwide.

Lilly recruits worldwide for these highly-skilled people in an intensely competitive environment for excellent employees.

At Lilly, embracing diversity is at the core of our long-held value of respect for people. It is the lens through which we are able to understand and respond to the unique needs of the millions of individuals who depend on our medicines.

Indiana has a sizeable and growing biosciences industry, with almost 90,000 employees and supporting a total of $22.7 billion in economic output, direct, indirect and induced.

The life sciences share of total manufacturing output has increased from 11 percent to 20 percent, narrowly exceeding the transportation sector’s contribution. Only California, New Jersey and New York can boast a higher figure.

The biosciences industry relies on the same technical expertise as does Lilly.

Cummins-specific concerns:

Cummins plans to significantly expand our United States workforce by hundreds of new employees over the next several years

Many of these new employees will be engineers that are critical to the research and development of new products for worldwide markets. Cummins recruits worldwide for excellent employees in an intensely competitive environment.

Indiana traditionally has been a very business friendly location for us to grow and prosper. In fact, in the past nine months alone, we have announced two expansions in Indiana tied to our global growth, bringing a minimum of 550 new, high-paying jobs to Indiana

Being strong globally has allowed us to add jobs in our home state.

In Indiana, 30 percent of Cummins’ professional workforce was born outside of the United States and this legislation has the potential to send the message that they are not welcome here.

Proposed laws would hurt Indiana’s economy

Indiana currently has an excellent business environment which is welcoming to all people and has strong infrastructure, a good tax structure and an excellent economic development strategy.

Passing laws such as the anti-immigration law or other laws directed at one group will change the business environment and will hurt job growth.

Businesses currently in Indiana or businesses considering coming to the state may be reluctant to add jobs in a place that is unwelcoming to people with ethnic or cultural differences.

Indiana has invested significantly in recruiting business, events and conventions and has expanded our hotel space and convention center to accommodate that growth. In 2012, we will be hosting the Super Bowl. The proposed legislation sends the wrong message to the world. Arizona saw conventions cancelled, calls for boycotts and much negative media coverage after anti-immigration law passed in spring 2010. Its economy is in truly bad shape.

Indiana’s fragile economy will be hurt as a result of these types of laws.

Legislative focus should be on jobs and education, whare are the issues that truly matter in Indiana.

Rather than adopt anti-immigration laws, Indiana should support laws and policies that allow and encourage top scientists and engineers from other countries to choose to work and to remain in Indiana and the United States.

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